Soil disinfection

Steam Soil Sterilizer

Let's permeant ground and underground water pollutions by organic soil disinfection

Features of JSE Eco-friendly steam Soil Sterilizer

ㆍEco-friendly sand sanitizer uses high temperature (120°) steam method

ㆍBy installing the nozzle where the steam is sprayed into the needle, high temperature

steam is sprayed in to the soil.

ㆍThe sand sterilized by moving forward while the steam is strayed into the soil through the nozzle.

ㆍMore the 90% of the parasites are eliminated through hyperslow operation (3cm/sec).

ㆍSelf-power type sand sterilizer that allows the movement to every direction.

Analysis of Soil Sterilization

ㆍVolume of the soil When Sterilizing 600m2(approx. 200pyeong) vinyl greenhouse to 30cm from the ground surface : 600m2 x 0.3m = 180m3

ㆍVolume of the void when the rate of the void in the soil is 50% : 180m3 x 0.5 = 90m3

ㆍAmount of water needed for sterilizing 600m3 vinyl greenhouse : 400kg

ㆍVolume of the steam when 400kg of water is converted into a steam : (400/1,000)x1600 = 840m3

ㆍAmount of steam for sterilizing 1m3 void in the soil : 840/90 = 9.3m3

ㆍWhen high-temperature, high-pressure steam with the volume of 9.3m3 and the

temperature of more than 120 degrees is sprayed into the void of the soil, the void is heated

rapidly before the soil particles are heated by the spray pressure and convection of the

steam. That leads to protein changes of the harmful insects in the void and kills them.

ㆍSoil sterilizer moves forward with hyperslow velocity(3cm/sec). Due to the cover installed

at the end of the sterilizer with a length of 1m, high temperature of the steam in the soil is maintained for 33 seconds.

product specifications

World-top soil disinfection technology!

ㆍIt will seem as nothing when compared with existing soil disinfecting machines

now we can see on the world market on performance, effective, and economic aspects.

    • use
    • Soil disinfection

    • standard
    • 2,510(L) X 1,600(W) X 1,270(H)

    • weight
    • 1,500kg

    • working speed
    • 60m/hr

    • work space
    • 100m2/hr

    • temperature
    • 120°C

    • spray deep
    • 10 - 40cm

    • fuel expenses
    • 15,000/hr