Horse Race Track
Soil steam sterilization?
Our product uses high-temperature steam heat to disinfect and insecticide
the soil of harmful germs, insects, pathogens and weed seeds removed
without chemicals (pesticides).
Horse Race Track
Enjoy the healthy leisure in a healthy environment Almost all 'Race Track Management A Manual for Racecourse Managers' According to the report, “Pest Control Strategy” There are very simple rules involved in establishing an effective pest control strategy including.
1. good observation - look for early symptoms
2. monitor weather conditions - most insect pests and fungal diseases occur under a particular set of conditions
3. correct identification of the pest
4. look for any other condition that may be contributing to the pest outbreak, eg. soil compaction, poor drainage etc.
5. select the most appropriate, registered pesticide. Select the lowest toxicity.
6. apply the pesticide as per label directions
7. implement other cultural techniques that encourage the desirable plant and discourage the pest. JSE Inc's soil steam sterilizer is provides a way to solve the 5-7.