Eco-friendly steam soil Sterilizer

Great efficiency. Lowest oil expenses!

Spraying system of high-temp.

Steam into the ground.

Advantage of JSE Eco-friendly steam Soil Sterilizer
It will seem as nothing when compared with existing soil disin- fecting machines now we can see on the world market on per- formance, effective, and economic aspects.Disinfection is per- formed, moving forward by keeping injection of pin-holder into the ground, by spaying high-temp. Steam of instant temp. Of 120℃ in the ground of 30cm, in which 80~100℃ is kept up to the earth surface of 30cm. (Almost every harmful insects are annihilated at over 70℃)

Features of JSE Eco-friendly steam Soil Sterilizer

ㆍEco-friendly sand sanitizer uses high temperature (120°) steam method

ㆍBy installing the nozzle where the steam is sprayed into the needle, high temperature steam is sprayed in to the soil.

ㆍThe sand sterilized by moving forward while the steam is strayed into the soil through the nozzle.

ㆍMore the 90% of the parasites are eliminated through hyperslow operation (3cm/sec).

ㆍSelf-power type sand sterilizer that allows the movement to every direction.
Soil disinfection
Let's permeant ground and underground water
pollutions by organic soil disinfection
Sand Sterilize
JSE Sand Sterilize can eliminate various microbes
and parasites with eco-friendly steam method.